Norwegian dinoflagellate - which species?

This one tricks me (among many others):
Location Korsfjorden, Tröndelag, Norway, September 2013.


Amphidoma caudata (acc. Throndsen, Hasle & Tangen; Phytoplankton in Norwegian coastal seas)
- but that drawing has more rounded ends

Oxytoxum criophilum (acc. to drawing in Phytoplankton in Norwegian coastal seas)
- but

corythodinium diploconus (acc Dodge - Marine dinoflagellates of the British Isles)
- very similar drawing and description. And reported from Norwegian waters.

Maybe...(I found this paper in this very moment)
Gómez, Fernando, Hervé Claustre, and Sami Souissi. 2008. “Rarely Reported Dinoflagellates of the Genera Ceratium, Gloeodinium, Histioneis, Oxytoxum and Prorocentrum (Dinophyceae) from the Open Southeast Pacific Ocean.” Rev. Biol. Mar. Oceanogr 43: 25–40.
their fig 10/11
(10) Oxytoxum elegans. (11) Oxytoxum tesselatum.

My working hypothesis is then no. 11.
Oxytoxum tesselatum

No reports in Nordic Micoralgae.
HAve any of you litterature on the genus?
New species to Norway?

Please add comments and ideas

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