Basic funtionality

Nordic Microalgae is built upon the concept of taxon sheets. The most interesting sheets are at the species level where you will find illustrations and other information about a species. To reach species sheets you can use the TAXON TREE view or the QUICK VIEW. Filters can be used to restrict what you see. If you know the name or part of the name of an organism the search funtion may be useful. Hopefully most of the web site is self explanatory.

There is no extensive help for Nordic Microalgae. Do get in touch with one of the administrators if you have problems or suggestions for new functionality.


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Step by step guide:

Use the right browser

Nordic Microalgae works fine with Chrome, Firefox and Safari but most browser do work.

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

I want to use one or several images from Nordic Microalgae in a publication. Can you give me permission to use them?
Thank you for your request. You need to get in touch directly with the copyright holders of the images you want to use. The name of the copyright holder is shown when you click on the text Additional information close to the image.
Why does my 'go back arrow' in the web browser not work as expected?
Try a different web browser, e.g. Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer 7 and newer should also work.
I cannot find a species I expect to find.
Try a synonym in the search field. If you still do not find the species it should probably be added to the species list. Contact Nordic Microalgae at or a member of your national microalgae commitee. (at present Finland, Norway and Sweden).