Main objectives

  1. To provide information on the biodiversity of aquatic microalgae and related organisms in the Nordic area.
  2. To provide up to date species lists of microalgae and related organisms in the Nordic area. The plan is to publish them once and then provide yearly updates. The species lists may be usable as reference lists. The organisms are:
    • Phytoplankton and and microzooplankton (i.e. cyanobacteria, unicellular eukarotic algae and heterotrophic protists).
    • Benthic microalgae and benthic microheterotrophs.
  3. To provide information about the systematic position of the organisms.
  4. To provide high quality images, illustrations and videos of the organisms.
    • The content are provided by microalgae experts in the area.
  5. To provide information relevant for environmental monitoring, e.g.
    • Main habitat of organisms
    • Trophic role of organisms
    • Morphology
    • Biovolume information for biomass calculations
    • Geographical distribution
    • Harmfulness
    • Size
    • etc.