New functions on the website


The Forum has been enhanced. We encourage you to use this forum in order to help each other with unidentified microalgae. Link pictures or videos to your questions. Add new Forum topics if you need or contact or if you need any help with this. Use RSS feeds to stay up to date with the discussion.


It is now possible to show videos of organisms. Contributors log in as usual but instead of uploading an image you can now choose to paste in a code for a video on YouTube. It is really simple but you need to register at YouTube and upload the video there first. A step by step manual is available on

Search for synonyms

When you type in a name of an organism in the Taxon search field both valid names and synonyms show up. The text for synonyms is red. Clicking on a synonym will take you to the taxon sheet for the organism.

Global search

Use the new Search function to search the whole web site using Google. Search is a sub menu on the right side of the start page.

Contributor personal galleries

It is now possible to see all images/videos a person has contributed in contributor galleries found under the heading Hall of fame.


The start page has been cleaned up to make it more user friendly.
An About heading with information about Swedish Lifewatch, Nordic Microalgae governing committees etc. has been created.