NORBAF diatom intercalibration 2013

2013 is the next NORBAF diatom intercalibration – all interested experts are welcome!

  • Samples to be send out ~May 2013.
  • Deadline of counting ~end of September 2013.
  • Workshop: period of okt-dec 2013
  • Auditors: Bart van de Vijver and Amelie Jarlman
  • Welcome with any question/preregistration to maria . kahlert AT slu . se

NorBAF - the Nordic-Baltic Network for Benthic Algae in Freshwater

This network is a cooperation of people working with freshwater benthic algae in the Nordic countries including Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and Poland. Our objective is to develop contacts between educational institutions, research institutions and non-governmental organisations in the field of education and lifelong learning. The network is open to anyone who shares our interest, we are also cooperating with other algal groups in Europe. The network was started 2005 with financial help of Nordplus Neighbour and the Erken Laboratory, University of Uppsala, Sweden. Nordplus Neighbour is one of the Nordic Council of Ministers' five mobility and network programmes. Now, NorBAF is funded by a cooperation of the participants.

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