NOMP 2023 meeting on Iceland 5-7 September 2023

The yearly meeting of the Nordic Marine Phytoplankton group (NOMP) was held in Hafnafjördur, Iceland 5-7 September 2023. Hafrannsóknastofnun, the MFRI (Marine and Freshwater Research Institute) on Iceland was hosting the meeting. There were 19 participants in house from Iceland, the Faeroes, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The last day was a hybrid meeting (on-site and on-line)  dedicated to molecular methods and additiontal participants from Sweden, Norway, Germany and France participated. In total 35 persons participated in the NOM meeting, including the ones who joined in for the molecular workshop. 29 presentations and highlighting discussion points were presented at the meeting, emphasizing the importance of the topic and the network. The NOMP-list of taxa, cell volumes and biomass will be updated with new information after the meeting.