Propose a new name för Swedish Lifewatch and Biodiversity Atlas Sweden

Nordic Microalgae is funded by the Swedish Research Council as a part of the research infrastructure Swedish Lifewatch. Swedish Lifewatch will merge with another research infrastructure named Biodiversity Atlas Sweden. Please help us to find a new name for the new merged infrastructure.

HELCOM-PEG 2018 meeting

The HELCOM Phytoplankton Expert Group will meet in Gothenburg, Sweden, 9-13 April 2018. The Oceanographic unit of the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute is hosting the meeting this year. Check out the HELCOM-PEG gallery here.

NOMP 2018 - save the dates

Next year's NOMP workshop will be arranged in Aarhus, Denmark. Preliminary dates are 11-12 September 2018. NOMP is an acronym for the NOrdic Marine Phytoplankton group focussing on the North East Atlantic including the Kattegat-Skagerrak and part of the Arctic Ocean.

NOMP 2017 workshop held in Reykjavik, Iceland

NOMP 2017 - the Nordic Marine Phytoplankton Workshop was helt in Reykjavik, Iceland, 5-7 September. The workshop was hosted by the Icelandic Marine and Freshwater Research Institute

Next year's NOMP workshop will be arranged in Aarhus, Denmark. Preliminary dates are 11-12 September 2018.


Celebrating six years on the Internet

Nordic Microalgae was launched on 2 May 2011. Thus it has been active six years and one month today 2 June 2017. Here are some statistics:

Images added

Number of species

Number of taxa

176 803

Users accessing Nordic Microalgae
100 546

Number of page views
661 644

Plankton Toolbox is back

The software Plankton Toolbox is available for download again. The pause in avaialbility was due to moving all of Nordic Microalgae to a new server.

Plankton Tooolbox temporarily unavailable

The download link for the software Plankton Toolbox is temporarily unavailable.

Nordic Microalgae has been updated

Nordic Microalgae has been moved to a new server and behind the scences software has been updated.

Nordic Microalgae is being updated

Nordic Microalgae is being updated

Nordic Microalgae will be updated shortly. Updates include moving to a new server and updating server software etc. During this time new images should not be uploaded. After the update users adding content will need to renew their passwords. When the update is complete this will be announced. The plan is that the updated version should be up and running before March 10th.


The HELCOM Pytoplankton Expert Group will meet 3-7 April 2017 in St. Peterburg, Russia. More information about HELCOM-PEG is available here.


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