One year on the web

Nordic Microalgae this week celebrates one year on the web after the launch on 30 June 2011. Usage of the web site is steadily increasing. We now have 1500-2000 visitors per month. Returning visitors are 46% of total since the launch. Visitors are from 129 countries.

The numbers of contributors of images and video are at present 39 and the number of images is 895 We would like to thank eveyone who contributes and all partners involved in Nordic Microalgae. We also welcome new contributors. The species list and synonym lists etc. will be updated in autumn 2012.

New functions on the website


The Forum has been enhanced. We encourage you to use this forum in order to help each other with unidentified microalgae. Link pictures or videos to your questions. Add new Forum topics if you need or contact or if you need any help with this. Use RSS feeds to stay up to date with the discussion.

Meeting of the Finnish Phytoplankton Society

The Finnish Phytoplankton Society met 13-14 November 2011.

Cooperation with the University of Copenhagen

The Scandinavian Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa at the University of Copenhagen has contributed images and direct links to information about cultured organisms.

Scandinavian Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa

Swedish Microalgae Committee formed

The Swedish Microalgae Committee was formed on 18 October 2011. One of its tasks will be to help govern Nordic Microalgae.


Checklists can now be downloaded.

Full size images

The possibility to view images in the size of the original was added.

Resting stages

Galleries for diatom resting stages, dinoflagellate cysts and other resting stages were added.


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