Gonyaulax digitale (Pouchet) Kofoid, 1911

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Gonyaulax digitale

A = Cell in Lugol; B = Detail of theca; C = Squashed cell; D = Cyst. A-C (DIC), D (BF) courtesy of Anna Godhe

Photographer/artist Mats Kuylenstierna

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Gonyaulax digitale
Mats Kuylenstierna
Copyright holder
Maria Kuylenstierna
University of Gothenburg, Marine botany
Bengt Karlson
A = Cell in Lugol; B = Detail of theca; C = Squashed cell; D = Cyst. A-C (DIC), D (BF) courtesy of Anna Godhe
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Distribution: Worldwide(?)
Life form
Length 50-75 µm, width 35-50 µm
Resting spore
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Species Gonyaulax digitale
Author (Pouchet) Kofoid 1911
Class Dinophyceae
Trophy AU
Geometric shape cone + half sphere
Formula p/12*d^2*(h+d/2)
Size class 1 2 3
Unit cell cell cell
Size range 26x44 36x56 43-46x54-60
Height(h), µm 44.0 56.0 57.0
Diameter(d1), µm 26.0 36.0 44.5
No. of cells/counting unit 1 1 1
Calculated volume, µm3 10 083 25 095 41 065
Calculated Carbon pg/counting unit 1 241 2 922 4 640


Olenina, I., Hajdu, S., Edler, L., Andersson, A., Wasmund, N., Busch, S., Göbel, J., Gromisz, S., Huseby, S., Huttunen, M., Jaanus, A., Kokkonen, P., Ledaine, I. and Niemkiewicz, E. 2006 Biovolumes and size-classes of phytoplankton in the Baltic Sea HELCOM Balt.Sea Environ. Proc. No. 106, 144pp. (PDF),

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