Lauderia annulata P.T. Cleve, 1873

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Lauderia annulata

A-F = Cells in chains; G = Cleaned valve with processes and one labiate process (=arrow). A,B,D-F (BF), C&G (PC)

Photographer/artist Mats Kuylenstierna

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Lauderia annulata
Mats Kuylenstierna
Copyright holder
Maria Kuylenstierna
University of Gothenburg, Marine botany
Bengt Karlson
A-F = Cells in chains; G = Cleaned valve with processes and one labiate process (=arrow). A,B,D-F (BF), C&G (PC)
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Kuylenstierna, Skagerrak-Kattegat


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Tropic type
A large marginal labiate process. Many processes on valve face and margin
Other remarks

Distribution: Tropical to temperate seas
Life form
Cells united in long chains
Diameter = 20-75 µm, pervalvar axis 26-96 µm
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Syvertsen, E. E. & Hasle, G.R. 1982. The marine planktonic diatom Lauderia annulata Cleve, with particular reference to the processes. Bacillaria. 5: 243-256.


Species Lauderia annulata
Author P.T. Cleve 1873
Class Diatomophyceae (Bacillariophyceae)
Trophy AU
Geometric shape cylinder
Formula p/4*d^2*h
Size class 1 2 3
Unit cell cell cell
Size range 33-35x33-35 32x30 40x30
Height(h), µm 34.0 30.0 30.0
Diameter(d1), µm 34.0 32.0 40.0
No. of cells/counting unit 1 1 1
Calculated volume, µm3 30 854 24 115 37 680
Calculated Carbon pg/counting unit 1 260 1 031 1 481


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