Thalassiosira delicatula Ostenfeld in Borgert

Synonym names

  • Thalassiosira gracilis var. expecta


IDs in other systems
High pervalvaraxis and with occluded processes
Other remarks
non T. delicatula Hustedt
Distribution: Worldwide
Life form
Cells united in chains
Diameter 9-30 µm
Gaarder, K. 1951. Bacillariophyceae from the """"Michael Sars"""" North Atlantic deep-sea expedition 1910. Rep. Sci. Res.""""Michael Sars"""" n. Atlant. Deep-sea Exp. 1910, 2(2): 1-36 ""
Hasle, G. R. 1980. Examination of Thalassiosira type material: T. minima and T. delicatula (Bacillariophyceae). Norw. J. Bot. 27: 167-173.
Hasle, G. R. & Syvertsen, E. E. 1996. Marine diatoms. In: Tomas, C. R. (ed.) Identifying marine diatoms and dinoflagellates. Academic Press, Inc., San Diego, p. 5-385.


Species Thalassiosira delicatula
Author Ostenfeld 1908
Class Diatomophyceae (Bacillariophyceae)
Trophy AU
Geometric shape cylinder
Formula p/4*d^2*h
Size class 1 2
Unit cell cell
Size range 15x15 20x20
Height(h), µm 15.0 20.0
Diameter(d1), µm 15.0 20.0
No. of cells/counting unit 1 1
Calculated volume, µm3 2 649 6 280
Comment 6 6
Calculated Carbon pg/counting unit 172 346


Olenina, I., Hajdu, S., Edler, L., Andersson, A., Wasmund, N., Busch, S., Göbel, J., Gromisz, S., Huseby, S., Huttunen, M., Jaanus, A., Kokkonen, P., Ledaine, I. and Niemkiewicz, E. 2006 Biovolumes and size-classes of phytoplankton in the Baltic Sea HELCOM Balt.Sea Environ. Proc. No. 106, 144pp. (PDF),

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