The Plankton Toolbox is a free tool for aquatic scientists, and others, working with environmental monitoring related to phyto- and zooplankton. It is available for MacOS and Windows. A Linux verion will produced upon request.

Features include:

  • Imports phyto- or zooplankton data in .txt and .xlsx files in different formats (configurable)
  • Work with data on abundance, biovolume and carbon content
  • Data screening - quality control of data
  • Aggregate data, e.g. from species level to class level
  • Plotting tools
  • Statistics (in early development)
  • Export data in .txt or .xlsx for further analyses or plotting
  • Plankton counter - use the PlanktonToolbox as a counting tool by the microscope

The software is available as version 1.3.1 for Windows and for Mac OSX. The new release includes a major update of the counting module and several minor tweaks. In addition the HELCOM-PEG 2018 biovolume list is used. The list of potentially harmful taxa has been updated accorrding to the IOC-UNESCO Taxonomic Reference List of Harmful Micro Algae. Also many under the hood changes have been made, e.g. a move from Python 2 to Python 3.

Notes for Mac users:

Place the software, the folders "toolbox_data" and "toolbox_counter" in your home folder, e.g. in "Mike". You will need to allow the software to run on your Mac. When starting the software the first time you will get a warning. To avoid this ctrl-click on the software the first time you run it and click on open. You need to do this only once. Alternatively: go to Settings -> Security and allow Plankton Toolbox to start. 


Plankton Toolbox version 1.3.1

Mac - download
Windows - download
Users guide - download the pdf-file


Plankton Toolbox version 1.3.0
Windows - download
Users guide - download the pdf-file


Plankton Toolbox version 1.2.1
Mac - download
Windows - download
Users guide - download the pdf-file

For developers

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